Queer Rights Have No Borders!

Queer Rights Have No Borders!

Despite big progress on Queer rights in some EU countries in the last decade, in others, the situation remains dire and in some, Queer rights are actively getting attacked and regressing.

🔎 Key Findings of Rainbow Europe 2020:

▶️ There has been no positive change in 49% of countries

▶️ For the second year in a row, countries are moving backwards on the Rainbow Index, as existing protections are disappearing

▶️ Trans rights are where most of the current movement in terms of LGBTI equality is happening, for better or worse

▶️ Other forward movement, although on a smaller scale, is in the inclusion of equality measures protecting intersex people against discrimination

▶️ Regression is most visible where civil and political rights are eroded: LGBTI human rights defenders increasingly at risk, authorities taking active measures to undermine civil society associations, and attempts to ban public events.

ℹ️ Resources and more information:
• Rainbow Map 2020:

• Rainbow Index 2020:

• Germany Annual Review 2021:

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